The Face Behind Crafty Miller


I taught myself to crochet as a way to deal with the pain I was in from my many Chronic Illnesses. I found that crocheting helped me keep my mind off the pain I was in. As I progressed people started asking to buy things I was making and so Crafty Miller was started.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Costochondritis, Iritis, Chronic Migraines, Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction, Tinnitus, Sciatica, Hip and Mobility Problems, Myclonic Jerk along with some mental health problems from dealing with all this information and pain. I have to take a lot of medication including some quite strong painkillers but before crochet I was having to take them 4 times a day, every day. Now I’m able to only take them on days where my pain hits an 8 on the good ol’ pain descriptor that doctors use.

I have found now that crochet is not just a pain reliever but has become a real passion. Creating new items makes me feel so happy to have accomplished something and it helps me connect with my two rough-and-tumble daughters who enjoy helping me take photographs, and post items as well as thinking up items for me to make.


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