The Creative Process

Hi all,

Hope life is treating you well. I’m just getting over a nasty hospital procedure designed to try and help me walk without crutches again, so far it hasn’t worked but it means I’m sitting down a lot more and can spend more time creating and blogging – all good right?
Today’s blog post is about how I decide what to make and the process behind it all.

When I decide to make a┬ánew project the first thing I do is have a quick nose on Pinterest (yes I know, you can’t have a quick look and it normally involves me scrolling for over an hour). When I decide that I like something, I ask the girls and they pick the colours and the shape and I make it.
If something requires CE Testing then I take some nice photographs and do the CE Tests, then once they pass I give my makes to the girls for a few days……. if they’re still going after the road test they get put in the shop. However, the process normally includes an impromptu photoshoot from the girls and I thought I’d give you a little insight with the latest product that is undergoing road testing with the girls.