Dealing with a large order

Recently I was asked to create 50 stuffed boobies  for a newly formed company specializing in helping new mothers meet lactation experts in their area to help them breastfeed their baby. I thought I would give some advice based on my experiences so that those who are nervous about taking on a large order can use my bumps along the way, to make their first order a huge success (Keep an eye out for the tips in red)

When I first recieved that message I’ll admit I was terrified. My main thoughts were that I couldn’t do it and then that if I did then surely I should offer a discount for such a large order. I decided to speak to my husband about it, to see his thoughts and let me say they opened my eyes.
A large order still means the same amount of work, you are still going to spend the same amount of time making the items as you would if you had 50 seperate orders so……

Don’t undersell yourself

I worked out how much it would cost for 50 breasts and how long it would take to make them all. I offered free postage as a thank you for a large order and I made sure that the timescales I offered were true.

Don’t offer to do something bigger/quicker than is possible.

Because, when you can’t deliver this, it is unlikely the person will want to work with you again. I offered a charge to close my shop and work only on their order, halving the time it would take to create, which the customer used so I did as was asked and had her order ready within 2 weeks.

Communication is paramount

As part of this order I was asked to attach tags with the companies logo on that would be delivered to me from their supplier. I had no problem doing this so agreed. However, when the breasts were made, the tags were still not here and I started worrying again, knowing that my two weeks were nearly up. So, I simply emailed the contact and explained and all my worries were for nothing, she completely understood and just asked to be kept up to date which I did.
The tags arrived in the third week, I attached them within 2 days and sent the boobs off to their new owner.

Send your creation tracked and signed for

I can’t stress this one enough! Your order that you’ve just completed can be worth hundreds of pounds, or in some cases even more, do you really want to risk that it will go missing in the post? Then give your customer the tracking number so they feel in control of where their package is.


Relax, celebrate YOU DID IT!!

Hope this helps anyone who’s questioning whether to say yes to that order.


Listing on Conscious Crafties

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know about Conscious Crafties if not, have a quick read here:

So you’ve been accepted into the Conscious Crafties Family and want to list an item for sale but wait….. what information should you include in your description? Well some details are obvious, others you may not have thought about. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.
So what people like about buying handmade is that they’re buying from a friendly person who has a passion for these things, rather than a corporation who is paying pittance for someone on a line to bang out 100 of them a day. So tell them, give a little insight into what made you make what you did and maybe a little part of how, they also want to know design information such as measurements, what can be varied on their order as well as a few more little nuggets of info. Getting a little lost? okay, well let’s use an example then.

Let’s look at my dinosaurs, just because –

I always open with a quick couple of sentences giving a general overview:

ROAR!! Four dinosaurs are better than one so hurry and grab this offer before it becomes extinct! Choosing all of the range of dinosaurs at once saves you ££s. Available in a mixture of colours and CE Safe too. The dinos are a brilliant gift for your children as kids young and old will enjoy tearing down cities and giving rides to their favourite superhero or toy.

This immediately tells people they’re getting a bargain. It also tells them that the dinosaurs can be customised and are safe for children. I also tend to include who the item would be for here. This is also what comes up in Google if your item appears in a google search, so you need it to be as eye-catching as possible.
Once you’ve done this lets move onto the next section; DESIGN

They are all crocheted using Stylecraft Special DK wool and then stuffed using CE safe toy stuffing (not too tight, just enough to make them squeezable) before being given 2 beautiful CE tested Safety eyes.

This is where you explain your processes, but remember people will not understand technical terms so ensure you use laymens terms if possible but don’t give the game away, you don’t want people to devalue your work by believing they could make it themselves easily.

Brontosaurus – – Measuring 26cms from his nose to the end of his long tail and 10cms from floor to top of his body.
Stegasaurus – – Measures 17cms from nose to the end of his tail and 10cms from floor to top of his spikes.
Triceratops – – Measures 16cms from his horn to the end of his tail and 8cms from floor to the top of his horn.
Tyrannosaurus Rex – – Measures 20cm tall and 15cm wide.
Please note these measurements are approximate as different lots of the wool can differ in thickness causing slight difference in sizes

This is arguably the most important aspect of your listing. You need to be as accurate as you can, if you cannot be completely exact then you must say so, perhaps add approx at the end, or as I have, write a disclaimer.


Is there any part of your item that the customer can change? Here’s a few examples of things they might be able to change depending on your item/type of items etc, they’re all available from the CC Site.
Ring size
Shoe Size
There is also a choice of “Special Request” for any others that they can change.

SAFETY – Is there safety issues you need to ensure is followed? Or do your items require you to put them through tests/hold certificates to prove you have done everything you needed to legally sell it. (ie: Toys need CE Testing more info here)

The dinosaurs have been CE tested and passed, giving extra reassurance to parents that their little ones won’t get hurt by their beautiful new friends.

Does your item include lots of things? Make sure you include everything that comes with it.

*Birth Certificate with a beautiful poem. (Please see single listings for details of each poem)
*4 Dinosaurs, in your colours.

Okay, so remember when I said people want to know about you? Here’s the best place to do it. I call it INSPIRATION. What made you want to make this item? Did you think of it, or someone else?

I was asked to make three dinosaurs and once they were finished I realised I had enjoyed them so much and wanted to make more. So I added them to my regular makes along with my own design of T-rex.

Customers want to know how long before they can expect your lovely item to arrive at their door, there is also a separate area for you to include the days but I felt it was nice to include a little more too. I named it CRAFTING TIME.

Each item is made lovingly to order. For a set of dinos this can take around a week to complete although please remember items are made in the order they are received. If time is of the essence please let me know when placing the order by adding “QUICK TURNAROUND” to the notes. If there may be a delay I shall ensure to keep you updated.

Finally I give some information about posting and packaging.

Packaging – When posted, your dinosaurs are wrapped in tissue paper to keep them warm before being tied with a lovely bow.
**NEW** The Dinosaurs now also come with their very own birth certificate and back story. If you are gifting this there will be a blank space to write the name your child gives their dinosaur, alternatively they can be typed on to the certificate over here at Crafty Miller.
They come with washing and safety instructions as standard.
*Gift Wrap also available*

So hopefully this has been helpful, look out for more posts in the future.