Taking Advantage of Twitter – Pt 2

Following on from the last post (Taking Advantage of Twitter) I have discovered a few more twitter hours but first I strongly suggest you follow @hashtag_hour and head to their website http://www.hashtaghour.biz to keep up with any and all or add yours to it.

So here’s the new ones

Monday – Friday
#GlasgowHour – All day, Every day
#1pmlunch – 1-2pm
#Elevensies – 11-12
#earlybiz – 7-8a

#LincsHour – 8-9pm
#sparkconnect – 10-11am
#bizmumfollow – 9am – 9pm

#Fermanagh_Hour – 8-9pm
#GalwayHour – 9-10pm
#BromsgroveHour – 8-9pm

#ExmouthHour – 7-8pm
#ScotlandHour – 9-10pm
#CoDurhamHour – 2-3pm

#BelfastHourNI – 9-10pm
#BrideHour – 8-9pm
#LeedsHour – 8-9pm (1st Thursday of the month only)

#PinHitsHour – 7:30 – 8:30pm (Pinterest Networking)

#giftideashour – 6-7pm
#weekendhour – 11-12


#louthhour – 9-10pm


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