It’s okay to cry

Every now and then, people cry. They cry due to fear, happiness, sadness or may be for no reason at all.
As children we’re often told to stop crying, to grow up and as we grow and move to school our friends laugh at us for crying so we hold it in, anything we can to stop us seeming weak.

Many times, I’m told that I must be so strong for dealing with the many conditions I have and that I never seem sad.
Truth is, I am sad. I’m grieving my old life, the life that allowed me to have dreams instead of nightmares. The dreams of things I wanted to do with my children are being torn away piece by piece as my body betrays me.

So in that case, it’s okay to cry….. right? Well, is it?
When you’re responsible for two children’s happiness and a husband and house, there’s no time to do this, to grieve. You suck it up and you carry on, until eventually you break.

Many a time, when no one is watching, I break.

This is not the way to live your life so yes, it is okay. In fact it’s far healthier to cry and allow what is hurting to come out rather than fester.

So cry, let it all out and then accept and attempt to rebuild. Don’t let it beat you.

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