Pacing while Crafting

So a lot of my life is ruled by illness, sure I can push it but there’s a guarantee that I’ll have to repay that energy loan another day, for I am a Spoonie.
A spoonies life revolves around pain and pacing but can that be translated into a crafters life? A business crafter’s life revolves around sales. Getting more while still creating more new items.
However, a business crafter, unlike a spoonie, is doing it because they love what they do – this aspect of their life.

Lately for me, my body is ruining my business and my personal life and pacing has become a real work in progress.
For example: today I took my girls horseriding which took an awful lot of my spoons (remember the spoon theory?) for the day but look how happy they were.



I got home to another order of lots of items, to go with 3 orders I’d been putting off to build up spoons, but of course I  switched into buyer mode (now don’t get me wrong I absolutely love that I can earn my own money and have accomplishments to show off but it is hard).
Unfortunately as I couldn’t have guessed this much would be ordered, pacing was out the window – leaving me in pain and unable to sleep (hence the late-night post) which will take away some of my normal spoons for tomorrow.

This would lead you to believe crafting and pacing isn’t possible and may be you’re right, may be I’ll crash eventually but…. last weekend I had extra spoons and a low mood, so while this weekend I shall be extra tired it evens out in the end.

So if you’re a spoonie who want to have their own business but keep putting it off due to lack of spoons, you may find that you actually end up with more spoons than you expected. The smile that comes from achieving something you love can fend off that nasty black dog of depression and the spoons it steals.

Dream, Achieve!

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