CE Testing

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Today’s post is about CE Testing for toys. As a buyer, you should ensure that anything you buy holds a CE mark as this confirms that a toy is safe for your children to use.


As a seller, there are many rigorous tests that your toy needs to go through before it can legally be sold. Failure to do this comes with a £5000 fine and even 6 months in jail! So please ensure it is done.

Quick Glance at CE Testing

Let’s start by seeing what the government have to say about CE Testing here as you can see there is a lot of information that needs to be considered when you think about selling toys.

Once you’ve decided that you need to test your toys, let’s start with taking a DEEP BREATH! And then grab a self-certifying pack, which can be purchased from here Once you’ve purchased it, I strongly suggest you print it all out and read it thoroughly, taking notes along the way, but again DON’T PANIC, it’s not THAT scary. I promise!.

Tests Needed

There are a few tests which need to be completed but they are mostly really easy.

A Tension Test which makes sure that any item you have joined together is secure and for this you need two G-Clamps, a set of suitcase scales, a heavy duty bag and a LOT of canned food (or alternatively you can buy weights which equal the 7.2kg needed)
A Rod Test which requires a rod that is 12mm circumference.
A Drop/Impact Test that you only need to do if you have a material that is hard and does not carry a CE Mark.
A Small Component Test. This one is a little more tricky but not much, you just have to make sure that no part of your toy fits into a cylinder (which comes with your conformance pack). If an aspect of your toy falls off during any of the aforementioned tests then you have to make sure they won’t fit in the tube either.
A Flammability Test. This is the test that most people are terrified of. Please don’t be, it’s not as scary as it looks. If you can get a certificate from your material supplier stating their item passed an EN71-2 test then you do not need to carry out this test. If not, then grab a friend and start testing.

Mostly make sure that you complete the file fully and completely and that you have insurance in place. Then let your mind loose and create your hearts desire.

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